Friday, 15 October 2010

X Factor.

Ive never really got into it before, but after watching it with elliot's ma the other week, i have to admit, i am totally hooked on Katie Waissel!!
Not only does she have a sexy husky voice but her hair and wardrobe are amazing! who cares about all the controvacy..

If i had all the money in the world.

All from

Brocade Jeans By TV £185.00, Quilted Square Bag by KTZ £80.00, Leather Harness By Unique £30.00, Waxed Jacket By Unique £250.00, Faux Fur Mittens by Unique £18.00, Lips in Vamp £8.00, Bijoux Boots by KTZ £220.00, Hinged Ring £12.50, Enamel Oval Ring £8.50.